Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Be Prepared

Anastasia was scheduled as one of the acts for a Halloween Magic Show in Lansdale again this year along with several others from the local Society of Young Magicians. Just prior to the show, she badly sprained her ankle and could not walk.

She ended up going to the Emergency Room, and on crutches. She is improving little by little each day.

But what I wanted to discus in relation to magic shows is that the show must go on.

Am am not sure, due to her injury, if it would have made a difference, but I plan on making some backup plans for our performances in the future. It would be ideal to have a backup set of material that can be done seated, or even on crutches. Either way, it's an entirely different set of performance challenges. It might not be as great as the main show material. However, one key goal is that show must go on!

Luckily, this show was hosted by an experienced MC who carried several additional effects in his performance case and was able to extend his segments so that the paying audience got the full hour they expected. There is a lesson here too. It's always worth having a bit of extra material in case something goes wrong. In the future, I will also be sure to pack a few extra small illusions for the times when they may prove useful. It will also be necessary to keep those routines in performance shape. That's a good thing too, as it may allow the act to grow in unforseen ways and allows for expanded variety.

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