Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Something to Remember when Planning a Birthday Party

Protect your pets! Keep dogs, cats etc. separated from the party area. All it takes is one child to be bitten, knocked over, or scared to ruin the birthday party. These days allergies are also often a concern.

This will make your party great for the kids, and any entertainer you may have booked for your party. Of course this applies whether you are in the Greater Philadelphia area and hiring a magician or anywhere in the world! Remember these tips and have a fantastic and magical birthday party.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Tip for Birthday Party Planning in The Philadelphia Area

A Bouquet of Balloons helps people find your party
Attach a bouquet of balloons to your mailbox or your front door. This makes it a breeze for parents trying to find the house. This also helps the entertainer, and anyone else who may be helping out on the child’s special day.

Bonus Tip: Let the birthday child choose the colors for the balloons. Having the child participate in the birthday party planning is awesome for their self-esteem and self-confidence. Besides, kids really do want to help out.

And if it's a magical birthday party, or you will have a magician at your party, look at the balloon store - they usually have balloons shaped like top hats, wizard hats, rabbits, magic wand, and the like. This will make it clear to all your guests that you will be having a magic show at your party, and their excitement will begin to build.

Balloons and Magic themed items are available at party stores throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, such as Party City